Denied A Bank Account? These Banks Want Your Business.

Advertising Disclosure The Best Non-ChexSystems Banks. Guaranteed Approval. If you were recently denied a bank account, the bank may have told you it was based on a negative ChexSystems report. And since a huge portion of banks and credit unions use ChexSystems, it’s not like you can walk across the street and open a checking … Read more

The Best Second Chance Banks in the U.S.

Advertising Disclosure The Best Second Chance Banks. Guaranteed Approval. It’s not a given that anyone can open a regular checking account. About 7.7% of American households, or almost 17 million people, are unbanked, and part of the reason involves having bad credit or poor banking histories. Making mistakes with a bank account, such as not … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About ChexSystems

Around 85% of banks and credit unions in the United States use ChexSystems to screen applicants for a new bank account. Despite the prevalence of ChexSystems, very few people have even heard of it, let alone know why or how it works. Most people only ever hear about ChexSystems once they are denied the opportunity … Read more